Asia Divers Limited since 1979




Commercial diving are categorize according to diving modes where as diving mode govern by nature of task and working water depth which including:

  • Compressive air diving in shallow water range
  • Mix gas diving in medium water range, and
  • Saturation diving in greater water range.

Environment for commercial diving operation is challenging for human intrusion, with all credit to our professional employees, we have learn from our years experience and endeavor ourselves operate in extreme caution with appropriate measures aiming to achieve a safe and healthy working environment at all time.

In addition to commercial diving services such as underwater inspection, underwater welding and cutting, marine hull cleaning, etc., we are providing one-stop-solution in following areas:

  • Commercial diving audit
  • Salvage & Wreck Removal
  • Marine mooring buoys
  • Shark prevention nets
  • Submarine civil structures
  • Hydrographic survey







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