Subsea Technology Applications Corporation Limited was formed in 2001 subsequent to the success of Asia Divers Limited which enable us to focus our diversify services particularly on subsea engineering.

We define subsea engineering as the application, intervention and utilization of subsea equipment in related to the following industrials:

  • offshore oil and gas
  • submarine communication and power cable
  • marine civil construction

Following are some of subsea equipment that we utilize:

Injector - An injector looks like a huge plough that built in with hundreds of high pressure water nozzle which enable it could penetrate into soft to medium dense seafloor up to 9 meter bury depth for installation or retrieval of submarine cable under 5 meter to 20 meter water depth.

Cable repair barge - specially made barge the term DP referred as dynamic positioning. Vessel/barge that equipped with DP system are capable to stays in a designated position without physical anchoring to seabed. Such capability is essential in offshore and greater depth environment.

ROV - the term ROV referred as Remote Control Vehicle. ROV is replacing the intrusion of human enter into dangerous environmental such as prolong staying, polluted water, confined space, etc.

Pipe crawler - the pipe crawler are mainly for auto cutting of submarine steel pipeline, especially for gas or oil pipeline which reduce human injure if underwater explosion encounter. 




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