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Subsea Technology Holding Limited representing a group of companies focus on application, intervention and utilization of "Subsea Technology" for various industrials.

The technology that we pursuant including working / inspection class Remotely Operate Vehicles (ROVs), Automate Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Hydrographic Surveys, Ploughing Injector, Saturation Diving System, Cable Track Gun & Injector, Hyperbaric Chamber, etc. in supporting marine and offshore projects. These projects involving submarine power cables, submarine pipeline & riser, marine civil structures, transcontinental communication systems, ship repairs, predator prevention nets, floating module docks, artificial reefs, environmental protections, hyperbaric medical treatment, etc.


Enable us to provide a diversified range of subsea engineering services in the Asia Pacific's rim and ability to compete with other international competitors. We are mainly attributable to the quick and accuracy reaction of the Management and repulation as a competent subsea services provider in the Asia Pacific region.T


The comprehensive and intactness services provided by us, who are both complementary and overlaypping, enabling it to deploy them to areas of greatest utility and margin potential in all water depths.

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